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~Bee Health Guru~

""For many, beekeeping is a labor of love.  And who doesn't love to keep their bees healthy?  

Traditionally, keeping your bees healthy mean suiting up, donning your gloves, getting your smoker fired up, smoking the bees to calm them down, cracking the lid of the box, using your bee tool to loosen the frames, lifting the frames out, and then examining your bees carefully.

What if your bees could be the guru and tell you whether or not they are healthy?  The Bee Health Guru app lets you do just that.

The Bee Health Guru is an Android and Apple iOS smartphone that our team of Montana bee researchers have been working on for almost a decade.  Lead researchers Jerry and Colin have been working with bees for over 30 years each, and from that and working with thousands of beekeepers around the world they have always suspected that bees made different noises when they had different things wrong with them.  Using sophisticated research techniques and state of the art audio equipment that we've shipped to expert beekeepers around the world, our team has collected the specific sounds bees make when they are not well.  Then we coupled that with our specially developed artificial intelligence (AI) programming to bring you a smartphone app that takes just 30 seconds to listen to your bees and then uses our proprietary database of sounds and AI to tell you within seconds what, if anything, is wrong with your bees.

~Bee Health Guru~




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