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Beez Now Carries Maple Syrup!

April 22, 2019

     We are so excited to announce Beez From The Block will be now be carrying Sugar Trin Maple Syrup by Trinity (age 13) and her Grandpa, Glenn Niese of Niese's Maple Farm. Glenn is an 8th generation sugar maker and has been teaching Trin the in's and out's of Maple Syrup since she's been ten. Glenn has taught Trin the old way so that she would appreciate the hard work that went in to making maple syrup. Trinity taps her own trees, carries her buckets filled with sap over to her wood fired evaporator and has worked immensely to learn the long process of turning sap into syrup. 

     We are proud to support other local and family businesses and hope you do to. Shop Small and shop with us to support our local farmers. Now available online at "Beez' Shop" , available at "It's Only Natural" in Bellport NY, available for Whole Sale and at our markets and festivals. Contact us for more inquires!



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