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June 2, 2018


    Beez and Jenny B feel education is key when working with bees. There is always more to learn and a community of beekeepers out there to help you every step of the way. Join a club in your local area to learn the best regional honey bee management techniques. It is imperative to stay updated on new research, relevant disease and pest management styles and beekeeping practices appropriate for your local climate and geography. The Long Island Beekeepers Club offers classes, mentor pairing, equipment resources and classifieds as well as a network of local beekeepers to the Long Island area. Read more to find out how you can participate and learn!


~Long Island Beekeepers Club

"Our goal is to educate beekeepers on the proper beekeeping practices for the management of honey bees in a suburban environment and the general public on the importance of honey bees and their products.

A little creature called apis melifera has provoked an interest unequaled by any other insect. The honey bee, as she is more commonly known, has a heritage that may go back twenty million years fulfilling a major role in the pollination of plants.

Our organization was formed a little more recently, in June of 1949, as the Suffolk County Farm Bureau Bee Club. In 1955, the name was changed to The Suffolk County Bee Club. Then in 1974, the name was changed again to the Long Island Beekeepers Club, representing the spread of our membership from New York City in the west to Shelter Island at the east end of Long Island. And in 2010 the club incorporated as a not-for-profit, becoming the Long Island Beekeepers Club, Inc."

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