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Beez Donates to NY Bee Wellness for February!

March 5, 2018


     For the month of February Beez has made a donation to NY Bee Wellness - an educational non-profit organization:  "whose mission is to educate new, beginning, and small scale beekeepers, and others interested in honeybees and beekeeping, in honey bee disease recognition, and to provide services and information for beekeepers and the general public on maintaining healthy honey bee colonies in New York and the surrounding region."


    Organizations like this are so important to the beekeeping community and the work they do is vital in both education and fighting CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder. Throughout the year NY Bee Wellness conducts surveys on the health of honey bee hives from local beekeepers and draws analytics and shares their findings with the bee keeping community. 


     NY Bee Wellness also holds seminars and workshops for new beekeepers. They have a newsletter to inform their followers about the latest bee research, upcoming educational events, fairs and community gatherings and so much more! Follow them online for more info!


Make Your Own Bug Palace!


The importance of housing other insects that are also vital to the environment is a great well to help the ecosystem and is fun for the whole family. It is less work intensive than beekeeping but provides a great service to our pollinators and other insects in need! Check out the webinar that NY Bee Wellness created to help you get started.




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