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Beez' Donates To The Arbor Day Foundation

February 16, 2018

      This month Beez' made a donation to The Arbor Day Foundation for its importance of spreading the word about how imperative pollinators are to our ecosystem and how the forage we plant is just as important for maintaining this delicate balance and the lives of bees and pollinators in our area. Please click the photo to read more about which trees and plants you can supply pollinators with right in your own backyard! a nice fruit tree could be a great addition to a family household and to our environment!


     "Bees and other pollinators rank at the top of the list of important insects, moving pollen from flower to flower to ensure pollination and the resulting production of many of our most important fruits and vegetables. Our supermarket shelves and dining room tables would look dramatically different if not for pollinators — especially bees. But in many areas, parasites, a lack of forage, and other factors are threatening bee health and survival. Trees’ flowers are a critical source of forage for bees, providing nutrient-rich pollen and nectar that bees use for food and to make honey."

~The Arbor Day Foundation


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