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This Month Beez is Donating to the NY Bee Sanctuary!!

November 30, 2017


   Every month Beez' likes to give back to the Bee Community and support those doing research to fight colony collapse disorder and to those educating the masses on  conservation. This month Beez is donating to the New York Bee Sanctuary!! 





"We are building a wildlife sanctuary for honey bees and pollinators in New York State, with programs to promote conservation of our vital insect friends."

The NY Bee Sanctuary is currently working on programs to include C.A.R.E!

Conservation - a pollinator-friendly natural environment full of beautiful wildflowers.

Advocacy - for bees and create awareness about their importance in our daily lives. 

Research - colony collapse and create a hub for bee science in New York State.

Education - students and the public through onsite, offsite, and online programs.


To learn more about these programs and The NY Bee Sanctuary click this photo below!


     The NY Bee Sanctuary was founded by Guillaume Gauthereau in 2015 and is located in the NY Catskills. During a volunteer trip to Nepal in the Himalayas, Guillaume had a vision to start a Bee Sanctuary as he had been a beekeeper in NY for several years. The importance to create a safe and protected environment for pollinators and the need for education about bees prompted him to start a this non-profit organization. For more information about his ongoing projects and educational opportunities please visit the website.



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