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DIY - Bee Pollen Face Mask

November 21, 2017




Bee Pollen is collected by worker bees out in the field who collect bee pollen on their legs and bring it back to the hive as a protein source for the honey bees. Beekeepers most often collect bee pollen using a bee pollen trap at the entrance of the beehive. The trap has holes at the entrance of which when the bees climb through, the bee pollen falls off of their legs and falls into a tray below. Beekeepers then can remove the tray collecting pollen from their bees. NOTE: Beekeepers should always be limiting how much they take from their colonies to ensure the colonies ALWAYS COME FIRST. Practice Bee-Centric  Beekeeping 🐝 This is true for both bee pollen and honey, and  beekeepers should always ensure that the bees have what they need first and foremost, and the keeper only takes after the bees have their supply. Fore more on how to read a frame ( Below is a Brushy Mountain Bee Pollen Trap $24. This trap allows you to open the gate to limit how much you take from the bees. 





 Try this recipe to utilize the amazing nutrient properties of Honey and Bee Pollen.  

Bee Pollen is know for its antioxidants, protein and vitamin content. This anti aging mask will moisturize and reverse aging in no time! 



2 tablespoons of bee pollen

¼ cup of whole milk

1 tablespoon raw honey

½ cup of mashed avocado 


Combine ingredients in a small mixing bowl, mix well and apply with your fingers avoiding your eyes. Leave mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. 

For best results, apply after hot shower with open pores. 


The honey will attract and hold moisture to your face to fight dry skin and wrinkles. Honey is also antibacterial and helps with acne prevention. Honey contains propolis which can aid in healing scars. Propolis has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  The Bee Pollen and avocado will fight aging with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. 








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