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Bee Resourceful​​

Below is a list of resources to help those keeping bees in the Northeast U.S. There are so many organizations and educational initiatives out there to take advantage of if you are interested in keeping bees. Please Bee Responsible and help Save The Bees by doing your homework and spreading bee education.

April's Feature Article !!

The Importance Of Bees

 "Blooming Beez" Bee Club

is located in Orange County NY in the Township of Blooming Grove. Our club meets relatively once a month with local Hudson Valley Beekeepers or those considering taking up the rewarding task of Beekeeping. To join us or learn more, visit our Facebook page or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates on club meetings, workshops and courses. 

New York Bee Wellness​​

Gardening Tips For Pollinators By Hannah Miller

Find  Bee Club Near You - NY State Map

The University Of Montana Beekeeping

Better Bee Glossary - Beekeeping Terms


First Year Beekeeping - Scientific Beekeeping


American Beekeeping

Federation Conference & Tradeshow

Empire State Honey Producers Association, INC.


Cornell Small Farms Program

Randy Oliver - Research and Analysis

NY State Apiary Laws By NY Bee Wellness

Bee Informed - Resources from the U.S.

Pollinator Seed Packets

Swarms and Splits by Perfect Bee

Beekeeping Calendar by Cornell

American Foulbrood by Honey Bee Health Coalition

Pests and Hive Management by Bee Aware

Varroa Management by Penn State Extension

Bee Species by Perfect Bee

Atlas of the Honey Bee

Bee Nutrition 

Honey Bee Nutrition  

North American Nectar Sources

Planting in the Northeast

Bumble Bees!

Winter Ventilation

Overwintering in Single Deeps?

Essential Oils and Bees

Diagnosing A Dead Colony

Roundup Alternatives!

Toxic Chemical Guide

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