• These "budget" grade frames have very slight defects or small knots, but still have the same excellent fit and strength that you expect. Save money and stock up. Unassembled only.

    Our frames are built exclusively of Eastern White Pine, so they fit tighter and are less brittle (compared to Western Pine). We find they are much easier to nail, too. Our frame tops come in a choice of either grooved or wedged-top bar. Our bottom bars are single grooved bars and will accommodate any foundation type.

    Which style of top bar do I choose?

    Use the wedged style with the following types of foundation:

  • Crimp-Wired Foundation
  • Unwired Drone Foundation
  • Unwired Brood Foundation


Hint: We prefer the Wedged-Top Bar style for ease of cleaning when replacing the comb. Just remove the wedge, insert the foundation, then staple or nail the wedge back on.

Note: Nails not included.

Frame Sizing

Deep Frame: 9-1/8" Medium Frame: 6-1/4" Shallow Frame: 5-3/8"

Use the grooved style with the following types of foundation:

Plastic Foundation


Unassembled Frame Groove/Wedge/Holes - Budget

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