Beez and Jenny B are working with NY Certified beekeepers in Chautauqua to keep Hudson Valley thriving with cold hardy honey bees that are varroa resistant. Orders placed by February 14th should be available for pickup in Blooming Grove NY by June.


Northern Local VSH Carniolan Hybrid Queen with 3 pound of bee from local non-migrator stock. Pickups will start in June. Start off right with our local queens and bees that are raised from our over wintered hardy stocks. These will be fresh, made up within 1-2 days of being picked up and will have a laying and proven queen from Western NY. Shipping Not Available.

Pickup dates may vary depending on weather.


**All bees are inspected and certified by New York State.


If you are interested in delivery to your home and help with installation, please contact us for a quote.

To order in person, visit our retail location located within

Nailed It - Hardware

4 South Street Washingtonville NY

Payments due in full at time of order.



NY Package Bees

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