NY Spring NUC Beez and Jenny B are working with NY Certified beekeepers in Orange County to keep Hudson Valley bees local and thriving in cold hardy temperatures. Local bees are more acclimated to our climate than package bees from down south and have a better survival rate. NUC's consist of new mated Queen with local survivor stock, 1 frame of honey, 1 frame of pollen and nectar, 3 frames of brood in different stages. NUC's conisist of roughly 4 frames of bees compared to 3 lb packages which are approximately 1.5 frames of bees. NUC box included. Box can be used for future splits or as a swarm box. This stock has survived multiple NY winters and proven honey producers.


NUC's will be available later spring depending on weather. WE will contact YOU for pickup dates and send updates out based on the Winter/Spring climate. Pickup location TBD in the Blooming Grove NY area. NO SHIPPING - PICKUP ONLY. Bee-ginner hive packages with complete hive setup and tools available at the link below: https://www.thejennybproject.com/product-page/bee-ginner-beekeeping-kit


Check out "Bee Educated" Tab with dropdown of Beek Classes, Resources Kids Activities and more! https://www.thejennybproject.com/beezbeekschool Don't forget to join our club the "Blooming Beez"! Meets for free once a month - Facebook group link here:


https://www.facebook.com/groups/BloomingBeez To order in person, visit Beez' Shop - located located within Nailed It - Hardware 4 South Street Washingtonville NY

NY Bee Nucleus Colony - Spring