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Beez and Jenny B are working with NY Certified beekeepers in Chautauqua to keep Hudson Valley bees thriving in cold hardy temperatures, be varroa resistant and stay healthy! Orders placed by February 8th should be available for pickup in Blooming Grove NY by June. If you are interested in delivery to your home and help with installation, please contact us for a quote.


To order in person, visit our retail location located within

Nailed It - Hardware

4 South Street Washingtonville NY


These nucs will have a Premium open mated VSH Carniolan Queen.

This year we will be offering deep and medium frame nucs and are from our local Northern Stock.

Nucs will be ready starting June. Chautauqua Beekeepers specialize in high quality queens that are calm and thrive in our climate. They use instrumental insemination to control the queen mating process to provide the highest quality queens with the best genetics to keep our stocks strong, vigorous, and healthy. 


5 Frame Local Nucs (nucleus) Carniolan bees on deep or medium frames with an open mated and laying queen in a wood nuc box for you to keep. We have added some great breeder queens, imported Slovenian Carniolan stock from New River Honey Bees this year and will be adding to our VSH stock also.


Washington State VSH II breeder queens and Saskatraz queens for 2018, Michael Palmer in 2017 along with Hygienic stock and breeder queens from Lauri Miller in 2016. The nucs will contain a vigorously laying queen with brood in all stages, including honey and pollen. Queens are raised from hygienic stock. These bees are mild mannered, winter hardy and good producers.  Spring mite counts were 0 from NYS inspection 3 years in a row and have no small hive beetles in the spring.

These are northern non-migrator bees. These bees are local so they wont bee the early available mass produced bees from the south, but being from our area they have survived the winter have strong genetics to survive our climate. Nucs consist of 2+ frames of brood, 2 frames of food(honey & pollen), and 1 newer or partial drawn frame.


**All bees are inspected and certified by New York State.

NY Bee Nucleus Colony - DEEP

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