Beez' Raw Honey - Buckwheat Blossom is brought in from Montana and Texas. This dark amber honey is rich in antioxidants and has been known as a natural remedy for sore throats. Beez' loves to add this raw honey to her coffee in winter with a dash of cinnamon or make one of her favorite lemonade recipes with it. Beez' Raw Honey is available in a variety of sizes and packaging options. Honey is measured in weight and fluid oz. Honey options and sizes change often upon availability and season. Beez' Raw Honey is sourced from our own local beehives as well as other farms that do not pasteurize, heat or process thier honey.

Buckwheat Blossom

  • Raw honey will not expire. Storing in a warm space will delay crystalization. When raw honey crystalizes, this is a sign of real honey and happens at different rates for different honey varietals. Read more about how honey is extracted and why it crystalizes in "Beez' Blog"- link pasted below. To decrystalize honey, place glass jar in a few inches of hot water for 30 min-1 hour on low-medium, stirring occasionally to melt the crystals. Do not overheat or your honey will lose its nutritional value. If adding to coffee or tea it is reccomened that you let your drink cool to below 95 degrees to gain the most nutritional value and not cook the honey. 

    **Do not feed honey to children 1 years old and under. 


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