Beez' Raw Honey - PA Wildflower is available to those seeking honey from pollen sources within 100 miles of Orange County. This honey is sourced from West Grove PA.  A regular dose of honey can be a great natural remedy for allergy sufferers. All of Beez' Honey is raw and contains its natrual nutritional value. 


Care Instructions:

Raw Honey is best stored at room temperature.

Raw honey will not expire or spoil.

Raw honey is not processed or heated. We let it bee and the bees decide the rest. We do not alter it or process in any way. Each batch of honey has different qualities based on the pollen count, seasonal bloom and local weather. No batch is the same :)


Available in 

4 oz Mason - $5

8 oz Mason $8

16 oz Mason $14

2 lb Queenline - $20

1 lb Muth - Etched Glass Jar with Cork - $12

8 oz Muth - Etched Jar with Cork - $8

6 lb Jar - Ideal for heavy users - $48


12 lb jar - Ideal for restaurants and bakers etc. - $72


Beez' Raw Honey Storage and Usage:

Store at room temperature.

Does Not Expire. For best nutritional value, do not heat.

WARNING: Not for children under 1 year old.



Serving Size: 1 tbsp. Daily

64 Calories Per Serving

17 Grams Carbohydrates Per Serving

0%  Calcium

0 % Iron


Percent Daily Values

Based off 2000

Calorie Per Day Diet

6% Carbohydrate

0% Fat

0% Protein

0% Sodium

0% Vitamin A

0% Vitamin C

0% Calcium

0% Iron

Beez' Raw Honey -Wildflower -PA

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