Beekeeping 101 - Washingtonville NY 

Inside "Nailed It - Workshop"10am-11:15am

4 South Street, Washingtonville NY

Saturdays 2/22-3/21


This 5 week class is designed for newbees who have not yet taken up the delightful hobby of beekeeping. Each week will be geared toward a different subject oriented toward walking the new beekeeper through a year of beekeeping in the Northeast U.S. From hive placement, to ordering your bees, to installing your beehive, to equipment basics, pest control, climate consideration and more!

BEE ORDERS USUALLY SELL OUT BY FEB - So please feel free to reach out if you are sure you would like to keep bees and need help ordering. 


Supplies and equipment as well as special orders will be available through the workshops, classes and retail location. Great gift for a family member interested in keeping bees or as a family friendly activity!


**Refunds will not be given for classes missed, however if you get in touch we will try and arrange for you to sit in on another duplicate class time. Online and printed resource materials will also be made available by email or print.


**Cancellations for entire class season will be entitled to full refund if made at least 30 days prior to class start date. 50% Refund will be given to those canceling entire season 1-29 days prior to class start date.


**Snow storms may result in rescheduling classes. Everyone will be notified by email and on social media at least 3 hours prior to class. These classes will be made up for and added onto the end of our scheduled sessions in mid February.


Week 1 -Bee Bio

Week 2 - Equipment and Tools

Week 3 - Hive Placement, Ordering Bees, Bee Installation

Week 4 -A Year of Beekeeping

Week 5 - Bee Nutrition, Feeding Bees, Honey Basics

Beekeeping 101 - Saturdays 2/22-3/21

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