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The Latest Buzz - MAY 2023

Hello Beeks! And thank you for subscribing to the latest buzz!

We are entering peak season in the northeast for beekeeping. Many families are just receiving their new colonies, gearing up to catch swarms or make splits out of their existing setups. There is much to consider when taking on the rewarding task of beekeeping, but thinking ahead and always having a plan is key! We always advise scheduling out the next month with goals of when you will be doing your next inspections, taking into consideration that life gets in the way, weather does not cooperate and the bees can sometimes be unpredictable. We try to have a balance of not disturbing our colonies too much, however schedule time ahead in case something comes up you give yourself 4-5 days buffer time to get into your hives. For example this past weekend was our goal to get inspect our apiary. We planned with friends and so made a date and that date changed three times due to storms, a forecast for this upcoming week and then by chance getting a nice sunny day with safe temps to get in the hives Monday. But we went in knowing that our goal was a 5 day span. I emphasize this now because often times in groups we hear of folks how did not get into their hives for several weeks and life gets in the way, we have all been there. But unfortunately bee biology and nature will take its course. Sometimes there are issues that can not be fixed if not taken notice in time, and other issues require you to maybe order equipment, or a queen and so on. I find more often than not, the days I think I'm going to be in the hives 30 minutes turn into 3 hours and the days I plan 3 hours sometimes end up being 30 minutes because I find I need to get something in place and plan again.

ANYWAYS! Enough lecturing, we hope all is well and the Blooming Beez Meetups have been taking place at Fanning Bee Farm in Blooming Grove. If you are not on that contact list, please email me back here and I will have you placed on that list. For our Long Island Beekeepers we highly recommend the Long Island Beekeeping Club. Click below to join our online club where we post photos and questions and help one another whenever we can!

Beez' Shop will be attending only a few more local events this season and then taking a break for Summer as Jenny is due with Baby Bee Number 2! We are working on an educational initiative for the winter of 2023/24. If you are interested in this for the Blue Point Area feel free to email me back here and we will add you to that contact list. Our last events for 2023 will be the Blue Point - Long Island Garden Farmers Market Saturdays until May 20th (WORLD BEE DAY) as well as Johnny Mac Day at the local Blue Point Bayport Library. Info on both of these are below. For World Bee Day we will be brining the observation hive so folks can come up close and discover the magical world of bees. We will have takeaway educational resources for families and children from 10-2pm At Daisy Garden Corp May 20th. Flier Below.

As for the newsletters, this will be our last newsletter from the website. As we have downsized, the business can no longer afford the platform for these emails, however we will continue to post on BEEZ BLOG on the website every few weeks with all of the same information. You just have to visit us directly or follow us on social media. We appreciate everyone's support and wish everyone a great summer!



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