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Liquid Bee Feed

Beekeepers! Do You Have A Plan?!

Feed Options! When feeding your bees there is an overwhelming amount of options from liquid feed, solid feed, pollen, sugar, patties, cakes etc. Late summer/fall if you do plan to feed there are recipes you can put together yourself or pre made syrups or natural additives available for you .Depending on the time of year recipes and syrup consistencies make a difference. When you feed can also determine HOW you feed. What kind of feeders are you using? Late Summer/Fall keep in mind we are also in robbing season so protect those hives!

At Beez’ Shop we have used a multitude of feeding options including Pro Sweet Liquid Feed, Dry Bee Pollen Sub, Several Feeder Types and a few tips on when and how to feed depending on your mite treatments and time of year you are feeding. Currently we are using Pro Sweet due to its nutritional value for the bees as it obtains binomial and monomial sugars and nutritional benefits to our bees. The binomial sugars act as the sugars found in natural nectar as the monomial sugars are that of honey. Pro Sweet is also ready to be capped by the bees and does not have to be dehydrated as nectar does. This becomes important when time is of the essence and temps are cooling down. No scent protects the hives from robber bee and wasp attraction. This product also does not ferment or freeze making for easy storage and possibly be available to you later in the season than thick sugar syrup.

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