Destinations of NY Celebrating Women In Business!

Celebrating Women In Business!

Thank you Pranati Madhav and Destinations of New York State for the opportunity to talk bees and how our journey all began! We are grateful for our loyal followers, customer base and supporters who have enabled our business to grow within the community!

A special thank you to women in business who have come together to support one another, Corinne Courtney owner of Nailed It Hardware , ReginaRose Lott owner of GR Tours , Barbara Martinez Managing Partner of Emporium Square Artisan Market and Kristin Spring Touw co - owner of Wagon Wheel Farm .

Read more about Beez' Shop by The Jenny B Project origin story and if you are interested in learning more about beekeeping in the area, join our group Blooming Beez - Bee Club ! Click the image to read more!