Candy Board Tips

Updated: Jan 2

Making Candy Boards In The Blooming Grove Beez' Lab!

As we have a recipe with Ken's video from two weeks ago, know that you can take the recipe, modify it, double it, add a dash of honey bee healthy etc.. whatever you feel your needs are, and get it right for yourself in terms of consistency. If you feel your sugar water ratio is too wet, sprinkle a dash of dry sugar on top to soak up excess water. If you find your recipe is too dry, keep a spray bottle of warm water near by to make your sugar a bit more pliable. Doesn't have to bee perfect either!

Ken's Candy Board Recipe:

8 Lb Sugar

1.5 Cups Hot Water

Stir to medium consistency, not to wet not too dry.

We use a number of items to block off areas where holes are created so the crew can gain access mid winter from a few different sides of the hive. Using wood blocks, Mason jars, long wood, bee creative!

Many are asking about the timing of quilt boxes and candy boards and as usual, it depends on your situation.. November in general is a good time to get your winter setup final. However if you know your food stores are low, get your candy boards on sooner than later. If you have an abundance of honey and are putting your candy board on purely for insurance, waiting a few weeks into November may bee ok. Know the size of your colony and current stores from your last inspection and make a judgement from there.

Bee sure you make your candy boards a few weeks before usage so that sugar consistency dries up and we're not adding cold and damp elements to the hive. Make sure it's cool enough where ants won't be an issue. Also remember you can always add additional sugar patty if need be. Take a peak at your candy board every week or so to see if bees are in need or may not even touch it.

Feel free to come by the shop to talk more about your own situation as "one size fits all" rarely fits the prescription.

Send us your pics of winter setup! Love DIY options and creativity from all!