The Buzz About Bee Pollen

We all love Bee Pollen, but did you know that honey bees prepare and eat bee pollen in a very different form than we do?! Instead of bee pollen granules that humans collect from a pollen trap , honey bees gather pollen on their body, push it down to their legs to create "pollen pants" aka "pollen basket" aka "corbicula" and use it as a primary protein food source for the hive. The workers mix raw pollen with saliva and enzymes to break down the pollen and create "bee bread" because pollen in its original form contains a thin waxy coating as a natural protectant for itself. Bees break down this pollen similar to how we recommend mixing pollen granules for humans with yogurt, peanut butter or honey to soak it and make it more bio-available to our systems. Bee bread consists of simple sugars, protein, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, and is stored in brood cells and sealed with a drop of honey! Check out this cross section view of bee bread/pollen

being packed down as a vital resource for the hive!

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