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To be prepared for your new bee arrivals and have your equipment ready. Keep your equipment properly stored in a dry safe space away from pests and moisture. Wax moths, mice and hive beetles can ruin equipment and infect a hive. For existing hives feeding sugar water and pollen patties may be appropriate before Spring is in full bloom. Do a full inspection of your hives when the weather is above 50-55 degrees and get a proper frame count of brood/honey ratios. Remove extra brood boxes if the bees are not occupying that space. Check the foraging bees coming into the entrance of your hive to see if they are bringing in pollen granules. This is a good sign that brood is developing!

Remember to Bee Educated!

Nuc. Vs. Package.

Are you purchasing bees for the first time?

Learn about installing a nucleus colony vs. installing a package of bees. There are pros and cons to each method and it is important to understand this process before picking up your packages or nucs. I have attached a few helpful videos below to help you get started.



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