Beez' Bee-lieves in a Wholesome Ingredient List! You Should Too!

Beez Bee-lieves in an ingredient list of which you can read the names and understand what each ingredient is and what it is intended for. In our blog and in most of our product listings you will find extra info on ingredients, their purpose and why we chose to use particular brands and supplies. We are also always happy to answer questions and comments. Reach out to us!

Please be cognizant of what you put into your body! Do your homework and ask questions. I am so surprised to have gone into many health and beauty stores as well as websites to find very ambiguous ingredient lists, chemicals of which I have never heard of and so do the research to find them to be alternative name for a harmful ingredient that businesses will use to offset the negative impression of a product. Furthermore, the amount of harmful dyes that are still in products seemingly unnecessarily amazes me. Their are so many healthy options today and we are fortunate to have access to research and be able to do our due diligence regarding the products we use today.

Many companies are now giving back and have ethos that align with their brand and product line and research shows millennials and the general population are happy to spend a few cents more for an ethical product. However, actions speak louder than words. Make sure this donation info is available to you and the public and easily accessible. Make sure the organizations are legitimate. This year I have encountered so many organizations or businesses on the internet that are conning customers out of money by expressing their "good intentions" and where their money is donated to. I have found that often these companies do not do what they say, but often are not even legitimate businesses. I am weary about reviews because an angry customer will always be more vocal than a satisfied one, however when several customers claim to not have received their products, the contact page was not in tact and their is no phone number, these are all major signs of a scam.

We are excited to announce Beez' Products are now available at Cornicopia Health Foods in Sayville NY. This is our first stop on Long Island in our hometown of Sayville. Cornicopia has been a staple in Sayville since 1976 and are a member of "1% For The Planet" ( Cornicopia has product standards for their vendors including Non-GMO, No Preservatives or artificial ingredients, or Certified Organic. This day and age, these standards have become more important to the general public as we educate ourselves and spread the word about how imperative it is to be conscious of your food and body products.

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