Beez is a huge fan of upcycling and using all of our resources to the ultimate capacity. Every day we strive to be better and more resourceful. In doing so we want to share our resourcefulness with our followers and open the discussion for new ideas! Being environmentally conscious is vital for so many reasons. The environment is in danger and we need to take large strides to save our planet.Lttle things done in large numbers add up to large strides. Take a look at your carbon footprint. really examine how much your household wastes on a daily basis. Consider composting, researching your local recycling centers to see what they accept, donate used items to second hand stores, those in need or sell for cash! Are you using materials to their FULL capacity? Can you switch to reusable items rather than disposable ones? Share your thoughts and the ways you help reuse and recycle! Beez uses materials to the enth degree! Our packaging may change because we are upcycling what comes in. We may mail out packages in plastic wrapping or styrofoam because someone shipped it to us and we are upcycling it out. (That being said, we are always seeking out companies who also use eco-friendly packaging). Rarely do we need to order special wrap, tape, bags, shipping boxes or cooking utensils. Beez strives to use second hand materials in both her process and in the finished product. Examples include our upcycled candle line. The Beez' Bulb collection on Etsy includes upcycled cookie jars, planters, mason jars and other creative gently used storage containers to create a unique and environmentally conscious product. Beez' loves an aesthetically appealing final product, however when it comes to packaging and the disposable aspect, the environment comes first. Minimalist packaging is key. Think of how much waste in the average household comes from unnecessary product packaging that we discard without thinking twice. Beez' Products also largely utilize glass jars due to glasses' recycle-ability.

​Lastly, Beez is always scouting out the most environmentally and socially conscious wholesale companies, farmers and resources to work with. Goals include companies that derive materials with the following qualities:​


~sustainable growing farms

~as local as possible (seasons may vary)

~as resourceful as possible

~fair trade products

~RSPO certified

~no Animal Testing~organic



~hypoallergenic​Share your thoughts and ideas with Beez!

Share your thoughts and ideas with Beez!

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