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     We are so excited to announce Beez From The Block will be now be carrying Sugar Trin Maple Syrup by Trinity (age 13) and her Grandpa, Glenn Niese of Niese's Maple Farm. Glenn is an 8th generation sugar maker and has been teaching Trin the in's and out's of Maple S...

Upcoming at Upisland Home Store in Sayville NY!

April 12th we will be doing a honey tasting from 6-8pm on Main Street in Sayville! Check out the latest at this lovely home store located within the Main Street Art and Frame Shop on the south side of main street. 



      To be prepared for your new bee arrivals and have your equipment ready. Keep your equipment properly stored in a dry safe space away from pests and moisture. Wax moths, mice and hive beetles can ruin equipment and infect a hive. For existing hives...

Hello Beeks!
We are looking forward to a morning of Bee Education, honey treats and live bees! This seminar is geared toward new beekeepers and/or those not yet keeping bees but interested to learn more about what is involved in keeping honey bees.

Including but not li...

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