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The Jenny B Project @ Forever Fit With Gami

January 26, 4-6pm

1012 Little Britain Rd, New Windsor NY 12553

Stop by for to check out the 2018 line of Beez' Products by The Jenny B Project including all natural body butters, lip balms, soaps, beeswax candles and more!! Jenn...

Beez' wanted to let you know about the ingredients in her butters and why she carefully chose this recipe. Beez' Butter also has essential oils adding an aromatherapy element to this moisturizing routine. For more on her essential oil choices and a guide to her scent c...


Essential Oils have major benefits both topically and aromatically. There is research to support these findings, some of which I have listed the articles of research studies at the base of this page. I am only sharing a specific collecti...

USDA article on CCD - Click the image below to read about CCD and the latest research. 

-History of CCD

-Honey Bee Health

-ARS Research

-Beekeeping Reccomendations

-Pesticide information


     For the month of December, Beez picked her final donation of 2017 to sponsor a BEEHIVE! is an organization which assists in sponsoring programs world wide for communities in need including education programs, clean water initiatives and agricultura...

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