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   Every month Beez' likes to give back to the Bee Community and support those doing research to fight colony collapse disorder and to those educating the masses on  conservation. This month Beez is donating to the New York Bee Sanctuary!! 


"We are bu...

What is Propolis?

Propolis originates from the sap of coniferous trees. Worker Bees collect the resin from the trees and carry  it to the hive on their legs where other bees assist in removing beads of it from the worker bees legs because it is too sticky to preform thi...

 Click Photo to read "The Queen Bee" by Amy Vinyard

Bee Pollen is collected by worker bees out in the field who collect bee pollen on their legs and bring it back to the hive as a protein source for the honey bees. Beekeepers most often collect bee pollen using a bee pollen trap at the entrance of the beehive. The trap...

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