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Buzz On The Homefront

Our May Newsletter is full of inspirational stories from our community members both near and far. We are excited to share from you the stories of connection and outreach in the tristate area. Dont forget to subscribe to "The Latest Buzz" at the foot of our website to receive our ONCE a month newsletter. Click the image below to read the The Latest Buzz - May Edition!

Lets Talk About Drones And Brood

Lets Talk About Drones and Brood! When diving into your colony and doing an inspection it is so important to have a goal in mind. If you are checking your frame counts you may be taking note of how much worker (female) brood and drone (male) brood is present in the hive. Do you see Queen cells? These questions become important when managing your colony because it may determine your next steps in managing the hive. When doing an inspection be sure to only do thorough inspections on warm days say 60 degrees F and above. Chilling the brood and or Queen can have major consequences to the survival of your hive. The colony likes to maintain an ambient temperature of roughly 70-80 degrees F with th

The Buzz About Bee Pollen

We all love Bee Pollen, but did you know that honey bees prepare and eat bee pollen in a very different form than we do?! Instead of bee pollen granules that humans collect from a pollen trap , honey bees gather pollen on their body, push it down to their legs to create "pollen pants" aka "pollen basket" aka "corbicula" and use it as a primary protein food source for the hive. The workers mix raw pollen with saliva and enzymes to break down the pollen and create "bee bread" because pollen in its original form contains a thin waxy coating as a natural protectant for itself. Bees break down this pollen similar to how we recommend mixing pollen granules for humans with yogurt, peanut butter or

Curbside, Delivery and Shipping!

#BeeWell #StaySafe #StayHome #SaveLives Hello Beeks, as we enter April we are headed for another undetermined month. We are praying that our health care workers and first responders stay safe and strong during this time. We are urging all of our customers and wholesale accounts to use curbside pickup when available and appreciate everyone making an effort to support small and local businesses in a safe and social distance way! We have listed locations selling Beez' Products providing delivery and/or curb side pickup at the end of this email. We will be shipping orders twice a week instead of daily to minimize contact so orders may take up to 7-10 days to arrive. For any questions please feel

Nailed It Meets TJBP!

Nailed It - Hardware Meets TJBP Nailed It - Hardware and The Jenny B Project have been teaming up for deliveries and online orders and we now have a Nailed It - Hardware Shop Tab on the website for home and garden. In our community, our local businesses are a family and support each other in any way we can. The Nailed It Team is delivering locally and The Jenny B Project will be adding hardware, home and garden to the website to maintain online ordering and curb side pickup with ease. Check out the Wildflower Meadow Seed Packs and Pollinator Starter Seed Kits to get your garden buzzin early! #beezrawhoney #beezfromtheblock #thejennybproject

Bat Boxes and Mason Beehives!

Bat Boxes and Mason Beehives are now available online and at the store. Check out our new home and garden section for the latest in supporting our pollinator population! #washingtonvilleny #beekeepingny #curbside #beekeepingequipment #honeybee #classes #raw #diy #polliinator #thejennybproject #beezfromtheblock #beezrawhoney

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