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Overwintering Bees - Time Is Now!

Hello Beeks! We are hunkering down now with cold nights and becoming very aware of dropping temps. Its our last few weeks of prepping to be sure that your bees can survive winter. Did you know that honey bees do not heat their entire hive, but only their cluster around the queen bee? The cluster will move on warmer days to a new frame of food and take turns insulating the queen bee and feeding on the honey frames. The cluster can also expand or contract as ambient temps fluctuate. The bees on the outside of the cluster will separate to increase air flow or contract to as temperatures fall. The cluster tightens as the outer workers pull together to create solid insulation. Many insects, like

Save The Farm!

For 19 years, Jason & Kristin Touw have managed, and more recently farmed, the Kozareski lands in Goshen and Hamptonburgh. Joan Kozareski expressed on several occasions verbally and in writing that it was her intent to sell the land to the Touw family so that Wagon Wheel Farm can continue to be a working farm and destination for families and community members to make memories for decades to come. In November 2018, the Touw family was approved with financing to purchase the properties. Wagon Wheel Farm is an agribusiness modeled in environmental sustainability, community, and supports building local businesses and infrastructure while maintaining the beautiful rural character of central Orang

Bee Educated - Fall Edition

We're back in biz here at the Beez' Lab in Blooming Grove NY! After a break in August we are nearing the end our season here in the Hudson Valley. The ladies are foraging for the last of the fall nectar flow and pollen sources and we will be removing the last supers from the hive soon and prepping for winter. Always work a season ahead! Beekeepers over wintering for the first time, be advised you MUST leave your bees enough honey to over winter! 50-100 lbs depending on your hive size is vital for the honey bees. If you are unsure, leave extra. If you have new splits, give them the proper sugar syrup ratio to supplement and fill their stores before closing the hives for the year. Do not us

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