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Bee Checkin' Those Beez!

Bee Checkin' Those Beez! As summer is in full swing be sure to keep an eye on your hives, your mite levels, the activity levels of your hives and space availability. During your hive inspections, check for beetles, mites, ants, wax moths and pest control. Does your hive have enough space for the honey flow? Add a super when your boxes are 80 percent full to allow the hive to grow. Do a mite check to see what your varroa count is. Summer treatments when mite levels are high are imperative before the population decline of fall when bees are at their most vulnerable state. Organic treatments available! Keeping an eye on your honey frames vs. brood frames is also key in making sure your hive is

The Buzz On Honey

Every week I speak with the public regarding local honey, its benefits and qualities to look for. I wanted to write a tidbit on this because there are a few misconceptions about raw and local honey. People of which suffer from seasonal pollen allergies often look to local honey as a remedy to get their immune systems used to the pollen in their surrounding area. This is a great natural remedy and some swear by it, however local honey does not mean just one or two miles away. Local honey can be a hundred or so miles within your home as long as you have the same plants and wildflowers in your climate blooming throughout the season. In the Hudson Valley we sell to Long Island, NYC, New Jersey a

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