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Colony Management!

This is a fantastic presentation about colony Management for this time of year, June/July. Please watch if you would like to learn more about keeping bees safe and healthy! Cornell does a great job and has excellent resources!

Busy at Beez' Apiary for National Pollinator Week!

Beez and Jenny B were touring the tristate area for National Pollinator week! Donating a portion of profits this past week to NY Bee Wellness, Cornell Pollinator Network and! Long Island, PA and the Hudson Valley were full of festivals, farmers markets and honey tastings! Looking forward to the start of summer @ TheJennyBProject ❤️🐝❤️

A little buzz on Honey Extraction for National Pollinator Week!

Honey Extraction! Happy National Pollinator Week! Here is a little buzz on honey extraction. 1) Make sure honey is capped. This means bees know it's at proper moisture content to extract and will not ferment. Should be roughly 17-18% moisture. 2) take your frames and decide if you will extract wax and honey, just honey or complete pieces of comb . 3) if extracting just honey, shave off the cappings of both sides, put in your extractor and let the extractor do the work using centrifugal force to drain the honey from the comb. You can also use methods without an extractor to drain the honey slowly. 4) if cutting out whole comb, make sure to extract a frame without wire or foundation to cut

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