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Amazing Day At CoLab Goshen!

I just want to personally thank everyone who came today to support bee education and learning about honey bee hive management. We had a great crowd today and am grateful for the feedback. We look forward to scheduling more events and keeping everyone posted on the @CoLab hive!! You will receive "The Latest Buzz" this week as well as the slide show. Ty!! 🐝❤️🐝 TJBP also wanted to mention that the proceeds from today's class are being donated to . Beez donates every month to NYBeeWellness located in Rochester NY and this month William T. O'Keeffe has generously decided to sponsor this months donation. Thank you William for your generosity and for hosting us!! Stay tuned for

Bee Education Resources

Just a few quick links to Bee Education Resources! We love the enthusiasm we are receiving and the interest in learning more about honey bees and keeping bees. The more we know, the better we can equip ourselves and others to make the best decisions for our environment. To learn more visit these sites for in depth knowledge or quick facts about bees, honey, clubs and more! Find Bee Club Near You - NY State Map ​ Perfect Bee Free Introductory Course To The World Of Beekeeping !! Register Here ​ Learn about the different bee species!

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