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This month we are featuring our Natural Food Store Locations of which Beez and Jenny B believe are doing amazing work to share knowledge on multiple facets including health foods, eco - friendly packaging and label/ingredient research. By shopping local at a health food store near you, many of these store owners have done super diligent research on their product lines and only carry the best products. Because small business is dear to our hearts we would like to shout out these locations to our customer base because these Brick and Mortar locations support many small businesses of which may not otherwise have a physical audience to sell. Taking this chance on shelf space is a big deal to a r

The Global History of Beekeeping

The Global History of Beekeeping By Jennifer Brown AKA Jenny B The oldest known bee dates back to 100 million years old and was discovered in Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, Burma by zoologist professor George Poinar from Oregon State University. This original bee was encountered in a solid amber mass and was named the Melittosphex Burmensis, introducing a new family called Melitta Sphecidae that have several features of both bees and wasps. This discovery also led to an important link to help explain the rapid expansion of flowering plants during that distant period. Paleontologist entomologist Michael Engle from the University of Kansas discovered a honey bee fossil from 14 million years ago in

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