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Bee Educated!

The Latest Buzz on Honey Bee Research! Scientists are conducting studies to create methods to fight Colony Collapse Disorder, Varroa Mites, Deformed Wing Viruses and more. Recent studies conducted at Washington State University are showing a specific fungus called "Mycelium" extract may be a powerful aid in treating honey bee illnesses. Beez has listed articles below for those BEEKS interested in the latest research and findings. For more info on Bee Education Resources, classes and seminars click on the "Bee Educated" link below. Bee Educated Photo Credit: Scott Weybright, Washington State University Steve Sheppard and his team provide the mushroom extract to a bee colony as part of their e

Product Descriptions

Due To Numerous Requests, we have made our product description pamphlet available to print below! Thank you for your inquiries and we are always here to answer any questions about our products or even other brands that you may want to know more about. Ingredients and recipes can be difficult to navigate. Do your homework and research to know what you are using in and on your body!

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