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Colony Collapse Disorder is on the rise in the United States. Research shows causes to include the following... Pesticides - are chemicals that are designed to kill insects. Some varieties, specifically neocolonialist, are proving harmful for bee populations. Loss of Habitat -As rural areas become urban weeds and flowers are often stripped, leaving the bees very little food for survival. This loss of habitat inhibits the growth of the bee population Climate Change - Due to climate change, seasons have been shifting. Warmer winters have adversely affected bees. For example when bees come out of hibernation, the flowers they need for food have already bloomed and died. Pathogens - carried


Beez is a huge fan of upcycling and using all of our resources to the ultimate capacity. Every day we strive to be better and more resourceful. In doing so we want to share our resourcefulness with our followers and open the discussion for new ideas! Being environmentally conscious is vital for so many reasons. The environment is in danger and we need to take large strides to save our planet.Lttle things done in large numbers add up to large strides. Take a look at your carbon footprint. really examine how much your household wastes on a daily basis. Consider composting, researching your local recycling centers to see what they accept, donate used items to second hand stores, those in need o

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