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Beez' Body Butter 
is a local favorite. These nourishing butters use organic oils, raw shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butters to moisturize your skin. We use essential oils to work on your skin topically as well as an aromatherapy inhalant. Check out "Beez' Blog" to learn which combo of essential oils is best for your needs!

Beez' Beard Balm 
can be used for your beard or as a hair palmade. The Pumpkin Seed Oil is great to stimulate hair growth, the beeswax is softened with a bit of oil and the pine tree resin gives it just a touch of tack to hold your style in place! Also used as a multipurpose salve for puppy paws, healing scrapes and burns or chapped skin. 

Beez' Lotion Sticks
are perfect spot treatment for dry chapped hands or face, cracked heels and any irritated skin. Made with beeswax, this lotion stick does not rub off and holds in moisture as beeswax helps protect your skin from the harsh environment, especially windburn and extreme cold. 

Beez' Propolis Oil Roll On
contains bee propolis from the beehive. Propolis is a form of "Bee Glue" of which honey bees create to block out moisture and seal their hives from outside elements. Propolis is known for its wound healing properties when used topically and we have infused it into sunflower oil and essential oils. Uses for this beautiful roll on oil include topical moisturizer, massage oil, aromatherapy oil and perfume. 

Beez' Balm Lip Balm

Is the original Beez' Product with all natural ingredients and essential oils, you can pick your favorite flavor of the season!

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