Beez' Bulb Candles


Beez' Bulb Candles come in several styles. 
100% Beeswax candles are ideal for those with allergies and those looking to use their candles as an air purifier in the home. Beeswax contains negative ions of which attract particles from the air to the candle. Beeswax burns very slow and throw a scent about 10-15 feet depending on the size candle.

Beez' Beeswax Paraffin Blend candles are geared toward strong scents with potency that can throw a scent through 20-30 feet. The strong scent that paraffin throws combined with the beeswax slower burn makes for a nice combo. 


Dont' Forget The Original 
Beez Bulb Upcycled Candle Collection found at our retail location in Washingtonville NY. 
These candles use materials that otherwise might be discarded. We collect beautiful and unique jars and vases to create the Beez' Bulb Upcycled Collection for an eclectic addition to the home. 

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