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If you are interested in keeping honey bees, be sure to educate yourself before making this important commitment. Beekeeping practices are different region to region and include various hive styles, a number of different species to work with and techniques that are specific to your climate. Keeping bees is a decision we make to somewhat domesticate the species. If you choose to do so, please do your homework. Keeping bees is different than allowing a swarm to live in your hollow tree or hanging a mason hive. There is work to be done, pests to maintain and beekeeping is a very hands on and rewarding experience if done correctly. Give the bees the best chance to thrive by educating yourself and others.

"Blooming Beez" Bee Club

meets relatively once a month with local Hudson Valley Beekeepers or those considering taking up the rewarding task of Beekeeping. Meetings take place to Fanning Bee Farm in Blooming Grove NY. To join us or learn more, visit our Facebook page or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates. You do not need to keep bees to join our club. In fact we encourage people to join and inquire before taking the plunge, to know if beeking is right for you!

Beekeeping 101 - Free Video

Free Beekeeping 101 Video to learn if Beekeeping is right for you! 

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