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Due to the high demand of educational needs for beekeepers, Beez and Jenny B are here to help! 

We have several personalized packages available to suit your needs as well as tri state class information, conferences and web resources below. 

Contact us for more information.

6 Week Class Schedule by Jenny and Beez

Hudson Valley NY Winter 2020 - TBD


Spring Hive Setup Package $200-700

Must Order By February 1, 2020

Delivery April-May TBD

Contact us to learn more about what is available. Whether you are looking to just buy bees, set up a large apiary or something in between, we can help guide your project. 

Beekeeping Services and Assessments $30 hr

Plus Equipment Costs.

(includes travel time)

Interested in putting a class together or a private group for a crash course in beekeeping? Contact us at

Bookings are at least 6 months in advance. 


Upcoming Seminars, Conferences and

Bee Education Resources

    The following is a list of clubs, upcoming events, seminars, classes and conferences available to those in the Northeast U.S.  Bee Responsible and Bee Educated before making the important commitment to keep bees. Work with mentors and local clubs. Join online forums that pertain to beekeeping in your region. 

Better Bee - Events and Classes NY

Mann Lake - Classes PA

When: October 12, 2019 - 10:00am

Where: Mann Lake Ltd. - Wilkes-Barre, PA

What: This program is designed to give an in-depth overview of what it takes to keep your colonies strong from late summer through winter’s end. Topics will focus on essential preparations including strengthening colonies, mite treatments, honey stores, cold weather feeding, and protecting your colonies from the elements and predators through the cold winter months.

How Much: Free! You must register to attend. To register, please call 877-829-4077 or email to RSVP by email. Class size is limited.

Hudson Valley Bee Supply Classes

NY Bee Wellness

Every Month Beez Makes a Donation To

NY Bee Wellness

To Show Your Support Click Here to Donate

NY Bee Wellness is an educational not-for-profit 501c3, non-membership organization whose mission is to educate new, beginning, and small scale beekeepers, and others interested in honeybees and beekeeping, in honey bee disease recognition, and to provide services and information for beekeepers and the general public on maintaining healthy honey bee colonies in New York and the surrounding region.

Visit for workshops, videos, tutorials, educational material, diagnostics and more!

Find  Bee Club Near You - NY State Map

Perfect Bee

Free Introductory Course To The World Of Beekeeping !! 

Register Here

Learn about the different bee species!


Long Island Beekeepers Club

Bee School is Cool!

Register Here

Southeastern Beekeepers Club, Inc.

Orange County NY

Visit Here For Meetings, Education and more!

The University Of Montana

Beekeeping Online @

Online Beekeeping Certificate Program

2019 American Beekeeping

Federation Conference & Tradeshow

Empire State Honey Producers Association, INC.

ESHPA open to all beekeepers in NYS, from the

hobbyist with one hive,to the commercial migratory

beekeeper with thousands.


Cornell Small Farms Program


Randy Oliver - Research and Analysis

NY State Apiary Laws By NY Bee Wellness

Bee Informed - Resources from the U.S.

Pollinator Seed Packets

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