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Beez and Jenny B started TJBP to raise awareness for Honey Bees, Community Based Bee Education and the latest Honey Bee Research. Blooming Beez - Bee Club meets at Wagon Wheel Farm in Goshen during peak bee season for local beekeepers to connect and learn proper hive maintenance for New York State. TJBP participates in festivals and markets selling small batch bee based products including raw honey, beeswax candles and body products. TJBP is a member of the Empire State Honey Producers Association and Jenny is currently studying at Montana State University in the Master Beekeeping Program. 

Beez' Products 

including Body Butter, Candles, Soap, Propolis Products, Lip balms etc.,

are small batch and handmade in the "Beez' Lab".  Beez and Jenny B also offer Raw Honey Varietals not native to NY State including Florida Orange Blossom, and Tupelo Honey, Mexico Avocado Blossom, Maine Blueberry Blossom and Australian Eucalyptus Honey.  All of Beez' Honey Varietals are Raw and Unprocessed True Source Certified. Visit Page BEEZ" SHOP online or visit our retail location for the latest inventory.

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