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Beez and Jenny B started TJBP to raise awareness for Honey Bees, Community Based Bee Education and the latest Honey Bee Research. Beekeeping classes and workshops are available at the retail location in Washingtonville NY. They participate in NY, NJ and PA fairs and markets selling small batch bee based products including raw honey, beeswax candles and body products to support their education initiative.  Jenny B and Beez belong to Several Beekeeping Clubs in the TriState Area and are members of the Empire State Honey Producers Association. Jenny B is currently studying at Montana State University in the Master Beekeeping Program and are eager to spread their Beek knowledge. This Project includes hive placement of NY bred bees in the Hudson Valley NY and teaching families as well as farm staffs hands on Beekeeping techniques to maintain hives successfully in the Northeast U.S. For more info on setting up hives on your property or farm please fill out our contact form.

Nucleus colonies and bee packages available 1/15-2/8

Pickups in June

Kids Party Packages and educational group packages are now available! Email us at


Beez and Jenny B  donate

 a portion of sales to NY Bee Wellness located in Rochester NY. NY Bee Wellness is an educational not-for-profit 501c3, non-membership organization whose mission is to educate new, beginning, and small scale beekeepers, and others interested in honeybees and beekeeping, in honey bee disease recognition, and to provide services and information for beekeepers and the general public on maintaining healthy honey bee colonies in New York and the surrounding region. Check out Beez' Blog to learn more about the organizations doing amazing work to help #SaveTheBees!

Beez' Products

are small batch and handmade in the "Beez' Lab". They use as many local ingredients as they can harvest themselves as well as working with other local Beekeepers to source beeswax, bee pollen and raw ingredients from the beekeeping community. Beez and Jenny B also offer Raw Honey Varietals not native to NY State including Florida Orange Blossom, Mexico Avocado Blossom, Maine Blueberry Blossom and Australian Eucalyptus Honey.  All of Beez' Honey Varietals are Raw and Unprocessed. Visit Page BEEZ" SHOP online or at our retail location for the latest inventory.


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