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Hello Beeks!

As the 2023 Season is approaching we will be sending some updates on TJBP and Beez' Shop! As most of you know we are in a transitional period and have downsized and relocated to our original home of Long Island. We are currently in talks with a few small non profits to engage with the educational portion of the Project and brining bee education to the local community as we continue to support our Blooming Beez - Bee Club in the Hudson Valley! For educational outreach in the Hudson Valley, please feel free to join our Blooming Beez Facebook Group and network there as we have many experienced beekeepers who do educational outreach.

Due to downsizing we will only be participating in a couple of small town events and are not offering wholesale at this time. Please see our upcoming markets below and we look forward to seeing you!

2023 BP FM.png
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