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The Jenny B Project!

We are an educational beekeeping site designed for our local NY community. Since 2016 we have been keeping bees, worked in retail, wholesale and beekeeping workshops as well as local events and famers markets. After covid our model has changed to be purely educational as we have elected out of the retail game for various reasons. 


For beekeeping tips our latest content can be found on BEEZ BLOG! 

We also have an online Facebook Beekeeping Club called the Blooming Beez of which originated in Blooming Grove NY. This group does still have physical meetings run by several volunteers, however TJBP has moved out of this area and so joins in on the Facebook Forum, however no longer is involved in the physical meeting plans and schedule. 

TJBP may be opening classes and workshops in the Long Island Blue Point area come Winter 2024. We are currently in talks with several locations to figure out if this is a real possibility and if we can find a great collaborative fit. We appreciate everyone's support these last years of transition and wish everyone a great season!

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